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MAC x Fruit Pebbles OG

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Flavor Profile: 
Sour Candy, Lavender



Sedative, Anticancer, Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and antioxidants.

Waiting game

From the man who invented MAC

Made from a special cut of Fruity Pebbles that is known now as the Britney Spears Cut.

The strain was released very low key and you had to be at INDO EXPO 2018, in person, just to have a chance to get seeds

The name is derived from how long it took to create the strain. 

Rare to Colorado

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Buying Greenstone’s Waiting Game cannabis flower can be accomplished in two ways. If you are a licensed Colorado medical or recreational cannabis dispensary you can contact us here or you can make orders directly on Apex and LeafLink. If you are a medical patient or a recreational consumer simply call your local dispensary and inquire if they have GreenStone’s Waiting Game in stock. If they don’t please request it by name. Greenstone’s Waiting Game please!

Waiting Game Nugs Display Greenstone

Episode 05 Waiting Game

Jason Sirotin:

Hello and welcome to Greenstone Podcast. I'm Jason Sirotin here with Gary Walker and, the genius himself, Mr genetics. And today we're going to be talking about a really interesting strain called the Waiting Game. It's an indica dominant hybrid. It's a cross of MAC and Fruity Pebbles OG. And we have talked about MAC before because we're also growing MAC. Tell me about what you know Mr Genetics about Waiting Game

Mr Genetics:

Right on, so, as I mentioned, Sundae Driver and Stray Pie crossed with Fruity. Pebbles OG. So Waiting Game is Capulator's own cut of Fruity Pebbles OG, which is totally different from the one using Sundae Driver. So Capulator who got extremely popular over the past few years and has a large, large following now, obviously, he made the MAC and a few others. He made this strain called Waiting Game where he had a very rare pack of Fruity Pebble OG seed, and he popped those seeds and [inaudible 00:01:08] onto them, and he picked a female winner that he named the Brittany Spears Cut.

Jason Sirotin:


Mr Genetics:

And he took that Brittany Spears, Fruity Pebble OG cut, and cross it with his original female CUT of MAC. So this is a strain that was released very low key and you had to be at INDO EXPO 2018, in person, just to have a chance to get them. And then later on, I think, he started selling a few more packs. But overall, it's extremely hard to get this genetic and to pheno-hunt a good, strong, winner out of it. So it's kind of something out of left field, but it's by an extremely popular breeder that just had something totally different. So, for someone who's looking for something out of left field and different, and that's something far away from what they're used to; this is a perfect strain for that, I think.

Jason Sirotin:

Does it get it's name from the fact that the high comes on slowly?

Mr Genetics:

Oh no, the Waiting Game name came from how long it took him to produce the strain.

Jason Sirotin:

Okay. Gotcha.

Mr Genetics:

More specifically how long people had to wait to get it after that, as well.

Jason Sirotin:

So, he ... It was built up. Now I have to ask; tell me about this brittany Spears cut a little bit more. So, it was like he was hunting, he came across this and it's the most perfect cut of the plant where he was doing his magic?

Mr Genetics:

Yeah. I guess he... This was years and years ago, so this was back when Brittany Spears was popular in the community and all that. And you know, he's pheno-hunting Fruity Pebbles OG, he finds an absolute winner, that has OGs style spacing, OG nodes but they're fading to rainbow colors. The nodes are purple, and orange, and have all kinds of blueberries smells to them. I guess, he kind of related that to Brittany Spears for whatever reason, maybe he happened to be watching a music video at the time. But just fell in love with the cut as he would fall in love with a celebrity or something. And you know, later on it made its way into the MAC cross and sideboard relief.

Jason Sirotin:

And so, can you have a Waiting Game that isn't a Brittany Spears cut?

Mr Genetics:

Well Waiting Game is, no matter what you pheno-hunt, the baseline genetics or his specific cut of the Fruity Pebbles OG with the MAC. A lot of different terpene profiles grow differently. It's going to be an entirely different genetic. Even though something else may have been crossed with Fruity Pebbles like Sundae Driver, they're going to be two totally different strains with totally different attributes.

Jason Sirotin:

Gotcha. That's why what you were saying about a Sundae Driver is that it's Fruity Pebbles OG, but this is Fruity Pebbles OG, and it's the Brittany Spears cut.

Mr Genetics:

Yeah, that means if it's his own pheno, that it's a totally different pheno from anyone else that has the same Fruity Pebbles strain; that just means that he's naming it so he can identify his pheno. It's much different than anyone else's.

Jason Sirotin:

That's super cool. I love that. I love knowing the back story. That's great. Mr Genetics, is there anything else that we should know about this? I don't think we... Tell me about what... You said the buds grow out to a rainbow color. Tell me how it grows. Is it hard to maintain? Is it easy to maintain?

Mr Genetics:

I would say this, and again speaking about the pheno that I, particularly, have and that I have experience with, so [inaudible 00:04:38] different. But pheno I like and the ones that I chose have that signature deep blueberries smell and taste. Much, much fruitier and blueberry than [inaudible 00:04:51] phenos. But I like the flavor profile for this particular strain. It's going to keep the short, bushiness of the MAC and it's going to keep the MACs real wide growth, lot of branches. It's going to require that you stay on top of cleaning the plant off, and pruning lower branches, and making sure it's being fanned. So it requires maintenance but it's not a diva as in; it's easy to show stress. It's, actually, a strong sturdy plant that grows well. So it requires, a little, bit of maintenance. But you're going to see nice big nodes, with short space stacking, and nice blueberry smells. From the pheno that I've been working with.

Jason Sirotin:

Gary, what do you think of the Waiting Game? Why did you choose it as one as your top ones for this grow?


As Mr Genetics has mentioned earlier, you're not seeing these strains in Colorado. And what we're looking to do at Greenstone is, really, to change the game in Colorado in terms of genetics. As we'll speak later on, a lot of the current screen inventory that we have... Because this grow that we bought, already had a strain inventory that they had been growing and were fairly popular, but have obviously faded out over the years. I want one; to bring in these amazing different strains, with all these different characteristics. But two, I think, it's also going to be educating people along the way and I think that's what's exciting; what's going to separate us from other growers, and really bring some exciting genetics to dispensaries that people can begin to experience and to understand both from a medical and recreational standpoint.

Jason Sirotin:

That's great. That's a great way to put it. Well, I've loved getting to know all of the new strains that you are growing currently. And I know that people are going to really like them. Dispensaries are going to be clamoring to get it. So Mr Genetics, Gary, thank you so much for your time today to chat about the Waiting Game. Your wisdom and knowledge on this subject is overwhelming to me, and I appreciate it. Because even as a lover, and I thought I knew something about this stuff, I know nothing and I had never heard of the Waiting Game. And I think it's really cool and I can't wait to try it. If you want to learn more about the Waiting Game, you can go to our website greenstoneonfire.com, you can also hit us with an email info@greenstonefire.com. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast and make sure you engage with us and ask us questions. We're happy to talk about anything you guys want to talk about. We're just passionate about it and we want to chat. So hit us up. Have a nice day. Peace.


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