-Tora Bora

Tora Bora Cannabis Flower Lineage:

Greenbaum’s OG: (Heirloom Bubblegum x SFV OG F4) x (Versailles OG: Louie XIII OG x Skywalker OG BX)

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Tora Bora at a Glance

Sativa Leaning Hybrid 

High CBD 2:1 CBD: THC ratio 

1st Place in the CBD Flower category 2015 Denver US Cannabis Cup

People say it’s good for inflation and relaxation

THC-A% – 5% – 6%

CBD-A% – 10% – 12%

How to buy Tora Bora

Buying Tora Bora high CBD cannabis flower can be accomplished in two ways. If you are a licensed Colorado medical or recreational cannabis dispensary you can contact us here or you can make orders directly on Apex and LeafLink. If you are a medical patient or a recreational consumer simply call your local dispensary and inquire if they have GreenStone’s Tora Bora high CBD cannabis in stock. If they don’t please request it by name. Greenstone’s Tora Bora high CBD cannabis please!

tora bora high cbd cannabis

Episode 08 Tora Bora

Jason Sirotin:

Hello and welcome to the Greenstone podcast. My name is Jason Sirotin and I am joined by Gary Walker, partner. And, I don't know, you're lead grower at Greenstone awesomeness? You do a little bit of everything and the one and only Mr. Genetics and today we're going to be talking about Tora Bora. Let's get into it. What is Tora Bora? What makes it so special? Explain it.

Mr. Genetics:

Oh yeah, Tora Bora's a nice CBD strain. It has high medicinal uses for those people that are looking for a CBD THC hybrid.

Jason Sirotin:

Gary, do you like Tora Bora personally?

Gary Walker:

I really enjoy CBD and I enjoy it for medicinal purposes, for inflammation, for helping me sleep. So I do like the characteristics of both the THC and the CBD combination of those two. It's pretty evenly matched. And I think it's one of those strains that I think has been very popular early on with a lot of the medicinal cardholders.

Jason Sirotin:

Thank you so much Mr. Genetics and Gary, thank you so much. I'm so appreciative of what you guys are teaching me. I feel like I'm learning so much every time. If you want to learn more about Tora Bora at home, go to Greenstoneonfire.com. If you have an email question or suggestions for us, or you want us to talk about something or you want to be on the show, just hit us up at info@greenstoneonfire.com and subscribe. Make sure you stay tuned. We really appreciate your listenership and look forward to seeing you next week. Have a great day.


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