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Gushers S1 Cannabis Flower Lineage:

Gushers x Gushers (Gushers: Gelato #41 x Triangle Kush)

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A recent strain with exponential hype, Gushers came on the scene as one of the latest drops from Cookies fam. Cannarado got their hands on their very own cut, of which they were able to generate an S1 generation to keep the pure Gushers lineage. This is a cut of two legends, the rare Gelato #41 and the proven Triangle Kush.

It provides heavy Indica effects, smells and tastes of gas, cream, and candy, and fades to a classic purple and green.

Jason Sirotin:
Hello, and welcome to the Greenstone Podcast. I'm Jason Sirotin, joined as always by Gary Walker and Mr. Genetics. Today we are opening up and we're telling you about the strain we are most excited about here, and that's the Gushers S1. Mr. Genetics, you are very fond of this strain and before we got on the phone, you said you might be giving a little extra love to this one. What makes it so special to you?

Mr. Genetics:
Yeah, so one of the reasons this is special to me is because it was extremely hard to get. This was a one time draw from Cannarado who had the Gushers cut originally created from Cookie Sam. So one thing that makes this special, aside from its rarity, is its specific Fino of Gelato that's used in its lineage. The ice cream cake and wedding cake, and all these other ones that are more mainstream, they're using the Gelato #33 often referred to as Larry Bird cut, which is great but it's just a little bit more popular and common. So one thing that excites me is that this strain uses the Gelato #41 cut which has a different growth profile, different terpene profile, and different trichome saturation. So not only is the strain overall rare and hard to get, but it has an extremely rare Gelato Fino [inaudible 00:01:29] that really makes it stand out from the rest.

Jason Sirotin:
Man. You just have such a good way of explaining. It sounds so great. What does the plant look like?

Mr. Genetics:
So it's going to have a nice OG, slightly Kush look to it. It's not going to be too squatty and fat, but it's not going to be too lanky with large [inaudible 00:01:47] either. It's going to be somewhere in between that. That kind of represents itself from the Gelato side of the scene, where it's going to be long and have a little bit more space between the nodes within the triangle cushion and it's lineage, kind of evens that out. It makes it a little bit more squatty and a little higher yielder. And the terpene profile [crosstalk 00:02:06] is real nice on them. What's that?

Jason Sirotin:
And is it as dense as the Gelato 33?

Mr. Genetics:
Yeah, I would say most of these strains are extremely, extremely dense.

Jason Sirotin:
Okay. Gotcha. Gotcha. And the smell and taste, tell us about it.

Mr. Genetics:
It's like a good 50/50 mix. You know, it's going to have nice musty and tangy calls from the Gushers or excuse me, the Gelato types. And then the Triangle Kush from the Emerald Triangle in California is going to have that nice Kush must, almost like a. Chem taste to it. So it has like a nice marriage between that and the candy and cream from the Gelato.

Jason Sirotin:
That sounds delicious. Hey, Gary, I know that you sent me pics when you got the genetics. So tell me about what you're thinking about this one and why it's so important to you.

Gary Walker:
Well, first off as Mr. Genetics mentioned the rarity of it, number one, and also it's about what we're trying to create at Greenstone. It's this portfolio of strains that we've hand selected and that Mr. Genetics has spent the past three and a half, four years developing, to me that's what's most exciting is not only creating strains that are highly marketable, but also capture once again I feel like some excitement that's been lost in the industry as of recent. And so I'm excited. This is a new one to me too, the Gushers that's one, Jason, I took as many pic as possible, because of just how excited I am about them. And it's been so fun to watch them grow and get to where we are.

Mr. Genetics:
Yeah. So this kind of gives me an opportunity to point out something that is kind of happening in the industry that makes these Gushers S1 much more valuable. And Cannarado was still to this day an absolute legend in genetics, in research, and providing new things that are unique to the market, but they have taken their Gushers and crossed it with 20 to 30 other strains and created 20 to 30 new strains that are all crossed with the Gusher. So that dilutes the pool of that strain, unless you have the simply original Gusher strain. So the more crosses and strains that are created from this strain, every single one that's made, makes the original strain more valuable and more rare. So since Cannarado released a massive crossing of this strain, having the original Gushers is going to be more rare and more valuable than ever.

Jason Sirotin:
Wow, I got to get my hands on these. I'm sure it's going to sell really, really quickly. So we'll have to make sure I'm there for the release. If you're interested in trying the Greenstone Gushers S1, ask your local dispensary if they carry it. And if they don't, ask them to please get Gushers S1 from Greenstone. On behalf of Mr. Genetics and Gary Walker, I'm Jason Sirotin for the Greenstone podcast. We will see you next time.

How to buy GUSHERS S1

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