GG4 | Original Glue Cannabis Flower Lineage:

Chemsis x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel

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Original Glue | GG4 - Formerly Gorilla Glue

GG4 | Original Glue at a Glance

2014 Cannabis Cup Winner

Very popular strain

Got it’s name from being “Glued to the Couch”

Resin Covered sticky buds

Earthy and sour aroma

THC-A% – 20% – 25%

CBD-A% – 0%

How to buy GG4 | Original Glue

Buying GG4 | Original Glue cannabis flower can be accomplished in two ways. If you are a licensed Colorado medical or recreational cannabis dispensary you can contact us here or you can make orders directly on Apex and LeafLink. If you are a medical patient or a recreational consumer simply call your local dispensary and inquire if they have GreenStone’s GG4 | Original Glue cannabis in stock. If they don’t please request it by name. Greenstone’s GG4 | Original Glue cannabis please!

Gorilla-Glue-4- or Original Glue or GG4



Hello, and welcome to the Greenstone podcast. I'm Jason Sirotin and I'm here with Gary Walker, my good friend, and our genius, Mr. Genetics to talk about the world famous, the best, GG4, also formerly known as Gorilla Glue. Mr. Genetics, what makes this strain so yummy?


Mr. Genetics:

I'll say that GG4 is a winner, man. That's a classic strain that a lot of people are letting get washed out with all these new genetics, but GG4 is a legendary cut that needs to be kept around. It's one of those strains that people, once they get tired of all this new shit, they just want to go back and have the nice original GG4, and it follows the same thinking of no one has the original Northern Lights anymore.


Mr. Genetics:

Some of these strains are legendary in their own right even though they're old, so GG4 is a cut that needs to be kept around and needs to be pumping. Even though it's not popular now, it will definitely come back.


Jason Sirotin:

Amazing. On the Gorilla Glue front, I know they changed the name to GG4 for probably legal reasons, I've also seen it in Massachusetts dispensaries under the name Original Glue. Are those the same cuts or different?


Mr. Genetics:

I think GG4 is generally the same cut. If it's the real GG4, then it's not going to vary too much from grow to grow because that came from some clone-only stuff that wasn't mass-produced by seed, so you're going to see similar Glue from grow to grow.


Jason Sirotin:

So if the name is Original Glue, is that GG4 or is that a different kind?


Mr. Genetics:

Yeah. I would assume that's the same thing unless this one company named that because they had something else that was kind of like Glue.


Jason Sirotin:



Mr. Genetics:

But if someone's just renaming it for legal reasons, that's going to be the same thing as GG4.


Jason Sirotin:

Thank you so much. I am so happy that I now know so much about my favorite strain GG4, formerly also known as Gorilla Glue. In my head, it will always be Gorilla Glue. You can call it Original Glue, you can call it GG4, I don't care. To me, it's Gorilla Glue. So GG4 though, it's such a great strain. And thank you Mr.

Genetics and thank you Gary for the wisdom.

If you want to learn more about the GG4, see I wanted to call it Gorilla Glue, or anything else, any other strains or how we do things or you just want to talk to us, you can go to GreenstoneOnFire.com or you can email at info@GreenstoneOnFire.com. Make sure you subscribe, and we'll see you next time.



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