Banana Pie Cannabis Flower Lineage:

Key Lime Pie x (Banana OG x OG Kush)

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Greenstone's Banana Pie Nug


This strain is going to smell and taste like an over-ripened banana, with potent Sativa and mild Indica effects. The plant is an extremely high yielder, taking heavily after its Banana heritage. You can expect tight stacking far down the colas, a medium difficulty strain to cultivate, and a beautiful fade to yellow and lemon-lime.

About the Breeder: Crockett Family Farms

This company specializes in fruity, sweet smelling and tasting strains. Headed by a 3rd generation family grower, not only have they won multiple cannabis cups, but were acquired by DNA genetics, a legend in the breeding in the community. They had mild success with their first collaboration release, the “Heritage” line, but the old Crockett genetics from before they were acquired have continued to dominate.

How to buy BANANA PIE

Buying Banana Pie cannabis flower can be accomplished in two ways. If you are a licensed Colorado medical or recreational cannabis dispensary you can contact us here or you can make orders directly on Apex and LeafLink. If you are a medical patient or a recreational consumer simply call your local dispensary and inquire if they have GreenStone’s Banana Pie in stock. If they don’t please request it by name. Greenstone’s Banana Pie please!

Greenstone's Banana Pie Display

Jason Sirotin:
Hello and welcome to the Greenstone Podcast. I'm Jason Sirotin, joined by Gary Walker and our good friend, Mr. Genetix. Gary, Mr. Genetix, how are you?

Gary Walker:
Doing well.

Mr. Genetix:
I'm good. I'm good. Thanks.

Jason Sirotin:
All right. Let's jump right in. We've got some new strains that you guys are working on. What we're going to talk about first is a strain called Banana Pie. Mr. Genetix, can you take us through what Banana Pie is?

Mr. Genetix:
Yeah. So, Banana Pie is from Crockett. Everyone knows Crockett at this point from when they dropped Tangie and Strawberry Banana and Strawberry Fields and those kinds of strands a couple of years ago. So, Banana Pie is another one of their strains and kind of came in a little under the radar. But it has a slightly rare [inaudible 00:00:50] of key lime pie, which you really don't see these days. And it's actually simply just a unique phenotype that was found out of a Girl Scout cookie. So they took their banana OG that's in several of their award-winning strains, and that was crossed with OG Kush. Then once they had that, they crossed it with their key lime pie. So it's kind of like a little rare, uncommon, something you're not really going to find, but it's kind of niche and has something cool to it.

Mr. Genetix:
So, I like it a lot from that standpoint. From a growth standpoint, it's a heavy, heavy yielder and just smells like rotten bananas and tastes exactly the way it smells. It's got a real high res production from its cookie's heritage. So, it's just a real winner.

Jason Sirotin:
Gary, you have anything to add on the Banana Pie?

Gary Walker:
No, I think he covered it pretty well. Like Mr. Genetix mentioned, we're excited to grow it. I think it's going to be a great strain for us and it's going to be very popular.

Jason Sirotin:
Is it a high THC?

Mr. Genetix:
Yeah. And to touch on THC, Genetix offer what some would call a glass ceiling on THC potency, but really it's going to be up to the grower and how he's utilizing nutrients and how he feeds those plants. That is what's going to determine the overall potency. So it's hard to just say this genetic is this potency. It's really about the grower and what you can maximize out of that.

Jason Sirotin:
And that that comes back to... We did a podcast on processes. So if you're listening to this, you might want to listen to how our processes work.

Jason Sirotin:
Mr. Genetix, Gary, thank you so much for taking the time to discuss Banana Pie with me. If you're interested in getting some of our Banana Pie, ask your local dispensary if they carry Greenstone's Banana Pie. You can get in touch with us @infoatgreenstonefire.com and visit us on the web at www.greenstonefire.com. On behalf of the staff at Greenstone, I'm Jason Sirotin, and we'll see you next time.


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