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Alien Sour Apples Cannabis Flower Lineage:

Alien Rock Candy x Sour Apple IBL

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Alien Sour Apples Nug


Created from the sought after ARC and the Sour Apple IBL protected heavily by Jungle Boys, these genetics were released to the public several years ago as a one-time drop. It has extremely high potency, with heavy Indica effects, and a truly unique, tart and sweet apple taste.

About the Breeder: Alien Genetics

Creator of Starfighter, used in the legendary MAC, this breeder has been known by the undergrown cannabis community for years. You will still see whispers of him in the corners of 420forums, THCfarmer, and the like, as he hasn’t been active for quite some time now. Finding true Alien genetics is far and few between, but those who were lucky enough to grab some of his one-time drop of the incredible Sour Apple IBL line, have polished gems in their lineup.


Buying Alien Sour Apples cannabis flower can be accomplished in two ways. If you are a licensed Colorado medical or recreational cannabis dispensary you can contact us here or you can make orders directly on Apex and LeafLink. If you are a medical patient or a recreational consumer simply call your local dispensary and inquire if they have GreenStone’s Alien Sour Apples in stock. If they don’t please request it by name. Greenstone’s Alien Sour Apples please!

Alien Sour Apples Macro

Hello, and welcome to the Greenstone podcast. I'm Jason Sirotin joined as always by Gary Walker and Mr. Genetics, we're going to jump right in today because you guys are chomping at the bit to talk about Alien Sour Apples. So Gary, you seemed really excited.


You said you haven't tried it, but that you are you're anxious to. So what's up with that.

Yeah, I am for multiple reasons, it sounds delicious, number one, right. Number two, what it's crossed with and how rare it is are things that get me super excited about it. And once you hear Mr. Genetics description, I mean, I'm going to be the first one in line to get it.

Oh yeah. Mr. Genetics, take us through Alien Sour Apples.

Mr. G:
Right on. So we have to go in and dive about alien genetics first. This breeder has never became real public or tried to make a public stand in the market. He's always been kind of operating on his own schedule and a breeder that's been described as a guy that just marches to the beat of his own drum. And a lot of people don't know that aliens genetics created Star Fighter, which is in the now legendary miracle Alien Cookies. So he's been doing this for a long time, has created some really amazing strains. And a couple of years ago, in 2017 to be specific, Alien Rock Candy really came up high and fast even in the legal retail market. And still to this day, Alien Rock Candy has a following almost for that specific strain. And now we need to talk about the Sour Apple IBL.

Mr. G:
That is what really makes this prof and this whole strain special. The first time I ever heard about the Sour Apple strain was halfway through 2017. I was at a facility working and my head grower, well, I won't say his name, but he kind of always talks about a special rare cup that he had that was gifted to him from his friends in California. And sometimes we even talked about growing and our experiences. And I got really into genetics at that point and collecting seeds and rare strain. And I tried to do everything to get this Sour Apple cut from my head grower and he would never give it up. He always had it locked down tight. And I never did end up getting it. So this is the first time I've been able to get my hand on a cross that has the Sour Apple IBL in it as unique and legitimate and able to verify it.

Mr. G:
So being able to have that strain finally, that took years to get and have it cross with an Alien Raw Candy, which is some serious alien genetics that has proven themselves in our market already just kind of puts it in its own category. And the reason we named it Alien Sour Apples is because of the fino that we're really getting is strictly Sour Apple Heavy. That's really what we want there. So it represents Sour Apple IBL as much as possible in the phenotype. And it's just simply backed up by the Alien Raw Candy in THC potency.

Yeah. So what's the plant look like?

Mr. G:
That plant's going to be real squishy and sure with nice fat leaves. But it's not going to have to tight of a stacking, it'll have some decent space between the notes.

What are the yields like on the Alien Sour Apples?

Mr. G:
This is going to be a heavy, heavy yielder. It's not confirmed for sure what the Sour Apple IBL actually is. But it's heavily rumored to be an original Sour Diesel cross with an original cut of Cindy 99. And both of those plants are extremely heavy yielders cross with the Alien Raw Candy's sweet profile and real high THC content, this kind of covers all the bases.

I love the Cindy 99. I love that one. It's really, really good. Well, I'm really excited about these Alien Sour Apples. If you're interested in trying Alien Sour Apples, ask your local dispensary for Greenstone's Alien Sour Apples, and you can check it out online at Greenstonefire.com. Hit us up with an email at info@greenstonefire.com. On behalf of the Greenstone podcast, I'm Jason Sirotin and we will see you next time.


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