So you’re feeling good, but you want to feel a little better. You take a brief moment to ponder your options, before settling on the obvious. Breaking down your buds, you gather your smoking apparatus, and prepare to indulge… then it hits you! Uggg! You forgot about that important phone call, or that time-sensitive work assignment. Whatever the case, it’s become clear that you need energy to complete your task. You’re thinking about the last time you tried to be productive on OG Kush, and how it yielded less than favorable results. Just when it seems all hope for the immediate, soothing effects of your favorite plant are gone…

Enter Cannabis Sativa.


The Sativa classification found its introduction alongside cannabis itself. Carl Linnaeus, a prominent botanist hailing from Sweden, gave the plant its name in the 1700’s. At the time, there was no distinction between cannabis plants. It would be another 50 years before the identification and naming of Indica, Sativa’s counterpart. Botanist Jean Baptiste-Lamark noticed the distinctions in their makeup, and categorized them accordingly.

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Sativa Growth Facts

Sativa needs torrid environments for effective growth. History traces early strains to Asia, South America, the Caribbean, and Northern Africa. They would eventually make their way to America by way of Amsterdam. Unlike Indicas, Sativa plants are thinner and longer. Also, they can take 20-40 days longer than Indicas to blossom, depending on the strain.

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Once developed, Sativa buds are much skinnier, often sprouting more leaves. This can make trimming a tedious and difficult process. The plant’s hue is a brighter shade of green, with notes of spicy citrus to smell and taste. It’s elongated length and cultivation time produces high volumes of flower. But what about the effects?


If In-di-ca leaves you in-the-couch, then sativa lifts you off of it. The high is like a double shot of fruity espresso, offering a pick me up to even the most sluggish of stoners. You see, Sativa targets the mind, and not the body. This is because of inflated THC levels, relative to other, lesser cannabinoids traces. Imagine putting your brain on a roller coaster that stimulates hunger, creativity, and euphoria. This makes Sativa a shoe-in for daytime use.

While not as popular as most Indicas, Sativa’s health properties are as effective. It treats a range of afflictions, including vomiting, body pains, and more. Sativa marijuana is even effective in managing mood, and providing relief for cognitive disorders. With such benefits, what could go wrong when indulging??

 It also is important to never operate heavy machinery under the influence of Sativa. Despite its uplifting effects, remember that you are still impaired. Use your best judgment to keep yourself and others safe!

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